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Do you love kids, teaching and have you always been willing to experience Africa in its purest form? Than Ofori Hills Academy is your place to be! We offer the possibility to work as a teacher at our school for 2-3 volunteers at the same time. Also we provide housing close to the school with all the facilities you need.


Our volunteer project seeks for people who are willing to make a real contribution to the school and children. We are no large volunteer organisation, we have no large fees, and focus on making your experience a once in a lifetime! 

For more information, please see the video and request for a brochure through our contact form. 

See you in Ghana!

Volunteer Project

A small personal story....


That's me. The tall one in the middle. My stepmom on the left, and my niece on the right. I am half Dutch and half Ghanian. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, finished University in Amsterdam and currently working for ING Bank. My father and my stepmom recently started this elementary school in Accra, Ghana. Although I am living in the Netherlands, I have always been connected to Ghana due to family visits and own interest of the Ghanian people and culture. I traveled to many places in the world, but when in Ghana, oddly enough it feels like being home. When the opportunity raised to help my father setting up this school and the volunteer project I took it with both hands. I think that volunteering at our school is something special. There is no large organisation involved, no large fees, no tourism attractions, the opportunity to really experience Ghana in its purest form and contribute to a better life of the children.

See you there!